Cv / Resume

Matthew McGrady


I am looking to find a teaching position as a teacher and coach at an International School.

Degrees and Certifications

M.Sc. Interdisciplinary Studies: Education

COETAIL – (Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy)

  • Online Cohort 2  (2015)

M.Ed Curriculum Studies: Art Education

SMART Education Technologies

  • SMART board trainer for Education (2008)

Senior Division Visual Arts Additional Qualification

B.Ed Junior / Intermediate Division: Art

Ontario Teaching Certificate (2006)

Primary Education Additional Qualification

B.A.H Visual Arts

Professional Experience

American Community School in Abu Dhabi (2012 – present)

Middle School Art Teacher (2012 – present)

  • Use Atlas Rubicon and UbD to plan and implement curriculum for classes such as: Digital Photography, Mixed Media, and core middle school art courses aligning with National Core Art Standards.
  • Embed technology with use of Google Apps for Education, Blogger, padlet, Google Art Project, 1:1 laptop program, Veracross, and use of class ipad.
  • Worked with students in a variety of traditional art media.
  • Led PLT team implementing PQP framework for peer reflection and feedback.

Middle School Design and Tech Teacher (2013 – present)

  • Collaboratively plan curriculum focused on HTML Code, F1 in Schools Program, Design Thinking, basic woodworking, Concrete forms, simple circuits, and Ardruino.

Middle School P.E. Teacher (2013 – 14)

  • Coached students in a variety of fun games and traditional sports with an emphasis on fun, sportsmanship, healthy lifestyle, and connection with other athletes.

Manarat Al Saadiyat Art Gallery Abu Dhabi (2013 – current)

Workshop Leader and Educational Consultant

  • Developed and delivered workshops linking museum exhibitions around a diverse collection of art and artifacts from Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, British Museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi

American International School in Abu Dhabi (2009 – 2012)

Middle School Coordinator (2010 – 2012)

  • Developed and delivered experiential learning curriculum for students across the Middle School.
  • Developed and led Middle School Advisory Program curriculum for teachers.
  • Organized and led weeklong Outdoor Academy program for Middle School students and staff.
  • Responsible for co-ordinating teachers offering of after school activities.

Middle and High School Art (2010 – 2012)

  • Collaboratively developed curriculum and UbD plans using Atlas Rubicon
  • Connected programming with local art gallery and community venues

Grade 6 English and Social Studies Teacher (2009 – 2010)

  •  Implemented the work of Robert Marzano’s Academic Vocabulary
  •  Collaboratively planned comprehensive units
  • Taught both boys and girls in segregated learning environments.

St. Patrick’s School, Guelph, Canada (2007 – 2008)

Grade 5/6 Classroom Teacher

  • Provided experiential learning opportunities for students including designing and constructing an outdoor learning garden.
  • Facilitated “Greeks and Romans” day, where students showcased their research projects through costume and presentations.
  • Following the lead of my students, connected our school with local Fair Trade companies for fundraising opportunities.
  • Provided a caring environment for student learning in a split level classroom.

St. John’s School, Guelph, Canada (2006 – 2007)

Grade 6 Classroom Teacher

  • Coordinated experiential learning opportunities for students including running a school newspaper, creating murals to decorate the schools, and participating in reading buddies program.
  • Worked collaboratively to develop and deliver individualized student education plans.

Coaching and Extracurricular

 6-12 Learning Leader: Media and Visual Arts (2015 – )

JV Girls Soccer Coach (2013 – 2015)

Trip Chaperone : Turkey (2012, 13) Greece (2014)

JV / VAR Boys and Girls Badminton Coach (2012 – 2014)

U 14 Girls Soccer Coach (2012)

Mural Club (2012, 2015)

Manga Club (2010)

U-14 Boys Basketball Coach (2009)


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