First off I need to thank my students, my PLN, my fellow COETAILers and instructors but especially Nicki Hambleton and Anne Driligen.  Without these two incredible Art educators this project would not have happened.  Making this video has been a fun experience – its asked me to think about my final project in a visual and critical way – which as an art teacher I appreciated doing!

I think in the end the product we have created is pretty amazing.  A venue for students to discuss, connect, and reflect about Art they are creating and created by other Middle School students is pretty incredible.  The fact that it involves students from varied locations also adds to the exciting nature of this project.  My students have been incredible during the process and I can only say how much I appreciate their help and support.  I tell them this all the time.  It has been a really wonderful way to connect with my students around learning with a capital ‘L’.  Its really great when students in my class prompt me with “Hey Mr. McGrady – how’s your course going?”  What I hope to be able to ask them some time is – “Hey how is that blog you are part of going?” as the gradual release of our Quadblogging takes hold.

My video was created using a screen capture using Quicktime and voice over of a Haiku deck of images taken by myself or searched through the image search function in Haiku.  This meant that all of the images I used were either self taken or applied to CC licence which would allow for use and modification.

 My Project

If you or your students would like to make a comment on OUR art – please check out –

Our Art Quadblogging Google Doc

-feel free to use – below is a blank template

Blank Template

Student Feedback about the Process

The Haiku Deck without Voice Over

-just in case you were interested.
Peer Feedback Goes Global – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires


Below is the UBD of the unit


12 thoughts on “Course 5 Final Project: Video & Reflection

  1. Matt, What a great project. My project also involved blogging and commenting, but as a tech coach I really had a challenge on making students accountable for posts on other student’s blogs. I think this blog model (the teacher as owner and moderator; and the students as authors)in my opinion is one of the best models of class blogging. Your “teachers teaching teachers” PD sound awesome too, good luck on your presentation.


    1. Hey Laura,

      Thanks for the read and comment. I watched your video as well and thought to myself how similar our projects were. It is interesting – as we wanted to try and create a venue for kids to develop a Student Learning Network I know Nicki, Anne and myself all want to see how they might stay connected organically but we are unsure how it will all unfold. For now – the moderated commenting on a centralized blog seems a good start.


  2. I really enjoyed reading & hearing about this project Matt! I did my course 5 project with our MS art teacher last spring (I’m definitely not an artist!). My favorite quote: “What will make this project decidedly redefinition – if the processes & platforms are taken over by students in an authentic way.” I love the idea that redefinition is truly reached when the teacher is able to step out of the picture.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks Lissa,

      I’ve really enjoying connecting with you over the last few days. Always looking to strengthen my PLN. I don’t know if we will actually meet redefinition with this group and this time around – but I am confident I am equipping myself and my classroom with ways to get there in the very near future. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Hi Matt, This is great project and has really opened your students to the wider world and truly helped them to see themselves as creators. You definitely have reached the level of redefinition. Love it!

    I also like your use of Haiku deck to create your video. Nice job.


  4. Fantastic job Matt. I am so happy that you finished and so jealous at the same time. I was also really proud of US in listening to you talk and seeing the Haiku deck. We have done a great job and I do hope it continues. I keep telling my husband that I need to work at the same school as you. We would be a kick ass art dept. Maybe one day.


    1. Anne – our team would rock – it would be an honour to work with you. It has been an honour already. Face to Face I am way more intense. 🙂


  5. Congrats, Matt, you finished! And not simply crossing the line, huffing and puffing and out of breath, but with heaps of strength left (sorry, I’m trying to milk the marathon metaphor, but seem to be running out of steam). At any rate I dig the organization of quad-blogging and keeping to the schedule. It’s better to be organized at the front end. Organizing kiddos once they’re out of the gates is akin to herding cats. Nice presentation. I’ve taken a few notes as I prepare for my own.


    1. Glad you liked it Jamie – much appreciated! I know how hard you and Mary have been working on your collaborations and it feels great to be finished. Looking forward to watching your video! Cheers.


  6. Hi Matt, It is so good to see our project in black and white and particularly your reflection on it. I am so grateful that we all met under Anne’s watchful eye in my home city back at L2. I am sure that the seed was well and truly sown right there and our connections online helped to solidify our friendships. It has been such fun to meet online and help our students to connect in a similar line to us. I know it is just the beginning of something for me and it has been great to have such support from you and Anne throughout the process. You have been there, commenting on my posts from the beginning of COETAIL (I know as I looked back!) and I have just blogged about the connections part of my COETAIL experience. I thank you with all my heart for helping me to believe in what I do and for encouraging me on this journey. We must find a way to keep properly connected authentically when all this is done. Happy 1st birthday to your baby – how time flies! Wish me luck in this final week to pull it all together so we can have our virtual online drinks!


    1. Sending you luck Nicki – I can echo ever word you’ve written here about the community we have built. Its been outstanding…Virtual drinks…we are starting a trend no doubt!


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