Our Plan and Our PLN – Art Students of the World Connect


Our original posts on connecting our Ideas
Our original posts on connecting our Ideas



Initial Plans on Twitter and PLN
Initial Plans on Twitter and PLN
Twitter Plans
Getting Set and Getting Going


Initial Planning on Twitter and PLN
Initial Planning on Twitter and PLN



Our initial planning session was a smashing success not only did it bring us all together to talk about our common goal it also humanized the experience of virtual communication.  It was such a pleasure to see all of the tweets and google docs come together to finally have a grounding.  Perhaps this is sentimental and or lame but as I have seen both of my colleagues grow and develop over twitter and through their blogs, it was a real joy to see their faces light up as we jointly figured our way through a Google + hangout.

Things I Came to Know

  • Having a moderator worked with a virtual conversation dynamic
  • Collaborating across 4 hours time difference wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be

Things for Next Time

  • Next time we will use Hangouts On Air as using Snagit to screen capture went terribly wrong.  Although I am sure it was all my doing!
  • Next time I would like to have a more interactive experience in terms of being able to share and reference documents we are already shared in.  I think if I play around with Hangouts a little more I will find ways of doing this.

Documents we are Using

Quadblogging template – to connect classroom blogs.

Planning Document after our first Hangout


What has come from our Hangout and twitter conversations is a focus and intent for our project moving forward.  Our plan focuses on getting our Art classes connected via a quadblogging format.  All of the participants are new to quadblogging and I hope the format is going to be manageable for us all.  I think our plan to have another Hangout after our first round of blogging and commenting is a good one.  I also hope we will be able to have the teachers from ASDubai involved in that as well.  It was a shame they were unable to attend the first Hangout as it was a great experience.  We have each chosen to connect one class, as a way to keep things manageable.  Also for keeping things manageable we have chosen a class blog over individual students connecting.


An interesting, albeit 3 year old, article from Edutopia about Quadblogging in the US

Some action research on quadblogging from Silvia Tolisano @Langwitches 


It sounds like all of us will be using Blogger as our blogging format and I hope our students will not have any issues commenting as they follow the visual thinking routines outlined from Nicki or the PQP framework I provided in the document above.  I will admit I am nervous about the level of discussion amongst students and wanting to keep things open ended we have not chosen to give themes to discuss for the blog posts from students.  We will have to see how this goes.


We have an ambitious plan and I hope it is manageable in the time frame given.  I think there is a need for this type of idea and I am excited how it has dovetailed with the curriculum work I have done this year regarding peer feedback amongst my students. With this quadblogging format I hope I am able to expand my student’s network and allow for a more diverse selection of voices commenting on our artwork.





3 thoughts on “Our Plan and Our PLN – Art Students of the World Connect

  1. Fantastic Matt. Thank you for the push and the initial start up with the Quadblogging doc as well as getting us to do the hangout. I have learned so much from Coetail and this is added to my list.
    I will be using WordPress. Since I am in China, I have to outsource my host and since I have already built up WordPress, I will continue with that. My grade 10 (seven students) will have individual blogs and my grade 9 (16 students) will have a class blog. I am excited about this.


  2. Hey Matt, I cannot wait to see what your students post. My classes (I know, more than 1) are keen as mustard to get going. Is the link on the doc, I want to sneak a look as I have a class Monday ready to read! I posted my own write up today as it took all week to get through my classes to introduce the project to all the MS classes! I will set up the first class blog site on Blogger this week to test it out, working out the moderators and authors to rotate each week. How did you find this worked with your classes, or did you organise it yourself? It might take me a week to do this, but I am posting on the 3rd week right? How are the teachers in Dubai doing? It would be nice to connect with them – are they COETAILers too? Thanks again for joining with me and getting us together. It really is better to learn through this together than what I had originally imagined would be a tough journey. Look forward to the connections and conversations! Nicki


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