Bridging the Gap Between Viewer and Artist

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Why do you think this unit is a good possibility for your Course 5 project?

In the end – I don’t know if this is completely great unit for course 5, but I do see this as a great first step towards what I am hoping my course 5 project will become.  As much as this is a push for me – in that the unit is new and completely different to anything I have undertaken in the end it really doesn’t make a huge leap in the SAMR scale. Really the major tech integration would be using a new app to create an advanced audio/video guide to an art exhibition.  This being said – I have wanted to test this out and think it will be an excellent unit for my 8th Grade artists.  I really want to give them the opportunity to experience art exhibitions in multiple platforms and therefore this face to face exhibition will be the stepping stone to a virtual one I will look to hold near the end of the school year.

Currently exhibiting at the art gallery in Abu Dhabi, is a show from the Guggenheim collection called “Seeing Through Light”.  The exhibition is a series of European and American artists from the 50s and 60s minimalist movement.  All of the works call on light as part of the piece whether it be perceived light or light acting on the space or artwork.  I find it incredibly cool!  I am not so sure what my students will think…..For this reason we will be heading out to the gallery to experience the artwork first hand as part of the prep for our exhibition.  Students will have a chance to do a workshop, see the gallery and hopefully open their minds to minimalist art.  What I envision happening is giving half of the students an audio guide which would contextualise the artwork for them, the other half will experience the artwork without.  I can’t wait to hear what people’s perceptions are afterwards.  Some the of the work on exhibit really is difficult to connect to and without context some pieces seem vague or difficult to read as art.  I was visiting the exhibition the other day and I heard a visitor note “It just looks like a big Venn Diagram”…..  I really want to get at bridging the gap between artist, artwork, and audience with this unit, and I think we can do it.

Like I said previously, this unit will be a precursor to that which I am planning for my Course 5 final project.  A major goal of our Art department this year has been to increase the amount of peer feedback students are engaging in.  We are using this feedback as formative and corrective assessments whereby other students have voice in helping one another in the learning process.  We have had great success with this but now I sense it is time to take it to the next step.  In my last post on a connectivist classroom – I asked if anyone would like to buddy up and have their art classes give feedback and comment on student art work, both through the working process and on finished pieces.  Anne Driligen in our cohort agreed to join in the fun and she and I will be connecting our classes next term.  Ultimately, students will share their student portfolios where they house images of their developing and finished artwork and then ask for feedback from students from the other school.  From this online interaction of feedback and comments, I would like to see students selecting artworks, with the help of their buddies, which they would like to exhibit formally.  This would ideally happen via the google cultural institute which has opened its virtual gallery doors to artists and schools out there.  Alternatively we will craft a Google site which can be our virtual gallery platform.  I really want my students to become curators, collaborators, and connected to other art students around the globe.  If anyone else out there would like to be involved please let me know.  The more the merrier – in fact I was hoping to set up a quadblogging sort of scenario if possible.

What shifts in pedagogy will this new unit require from you?

Well – in years past I would have done all of this work – now I am opening it up to students to do – I love it when curriculum takes on practical life experiences.  Planning and implementing an art event is a great learning experience for my students, and I am looking forward to experiencing it from a different perspective this year.

What skills and/or attitudes will this new unit require from your students?

Patience, troubleshooting, collaboration, dedication, organization, an eye for detail, curation, – I love it – great things to be learned here.


5 thoughts on “Course 4: If These Walls Could Talk – Augmented Art Exhibtion

  1. MATT, I don’t know Google Cultural Institute. Remember I am in China!!! I will do my best to collaborate with you on this unit. I will have an 8th grade class mid April (I share with a colleague grade 8 and will have them back once DP grades are done). Also teaching teaching students about curating is excellent for so many reasons. It is now 20% of the DP exam starting in 2016 so good to get them started early!
    Looking forward to working with you again.
    And excited to learn about Google Cultural Institute.


    1. Hahaha – I figured if I volunteered you – you would have to be involved…..ha……

      We don’t have to use Google Cultural Institute – we can find another platform….



  2. Matt, I like your critical eye towards SAMR how this unit fits into that framework. It’s a great collaborative and connected idea in its own right that can act as a gateway to new ideas for you to explore in the future! Looking forward to hearing how this plays out!


  3. Hi Matt,
    I love this as I have been looking at using AR as part of exhibitions or displays for some time. I think it was at the ADE Institute I first heard of Aurasma through a collegue at East campus and then again at Learning 2 where I met you. It keeps rearing its head and intriguing me but I know of its issues. There are others out there – which are you going to use?
    Nick Coulter, Head of Art at AIS Singapore ( used Aurasma at his exhibition a few months back projecting onto a ginormous wall – impressive but still not without its problems and stability. I am happy to connect you two if you are not already? Can’t wait to see how it pans out then we can all bounce off your success!
    Deciding direction for me has, surprise, been a big stumbling block – too many ideas and I want to include everything! How did you decide on this as your Course 5?
    I am a little behind on completing the final Course 4 UBD as I had an operation just before the Christmas break but as always Clint has been a diamond and helped me to extend the deadline.
    When I eventually post the last bit (this week?) would you be so kind and offer your opinion please??
    Happy New Year!


    1. Nicki – it would be a pleasure to read over your idea. I’ll try to be a critical colleague. Looking forward to seeing what crazy massive idea you have crafted. You don’t take small bites, do you?

      As always good to hear from you – Happy New Year indeed!!!!


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