Initial Reflection

I think there is much for me to still contemplate when it comes to infographics, analyzing data, and thinking about the visuals that might somehow represent who I am.  Reflecting on what I have created, I realize it is equal parts ‘resume’, and ‘about me’.  I think it is better suited for the classroom and not for recruiting and in the end it may be used as an exemplar for some of the things might be able to accomplish.  I can see myself asking my students to tell me about themselves through an infographic they build in infogram.

Looking at the Finished Product

There are lots of things I like about the work I have created.  But sadly, much of the content I appreciate was generated through the template I chose, not necessarily my own use of CARP principles.  There are times when it is wise to resign yourself to the machine and or let the professionals work for you – here this is what I did.

I appreciate the way the content unfolds and acknowledge I made a conscious effort to display a title, a quote, and some content in each of the sections I ran through.  The end product still seems text heavy which I don’t necessarily love and I also acknowledge that in attempting to convey both a resume and an about me in the same content I may done neither well.

Some areas I am pleased with include my opportunity to include an image from a tweet I posted a while back.  I thought this dovetailed a lot of information I was trying to convey.  I also think the map is kind of a cool touch if a little barren.  Still new in the game – I guess.

Working through the Process

What struck me about creating this infographic was something that resonates back to course 1 – I think – the idea of having time to mess around.  I spent a lot of time making a lot of mistakes, and thinking about how to convey ideas through the templated system of infogram.  I briefly looked at piktochart, and but chose infogram as I had a bit of previous experience messing around with it in a previous class I taught on design.

 Take Aways

Looking back Course 3 has definitely been my favourite course, which unfortunately came at the wrong time.  The beginning of the year has been frantic, and although I feel as an Art educator I have a strong sense of a lot of what was covered, I still missed out on showcasing a lot in this course. Nevertheless, the work I have done here, the readings, the comments from others have inspired and reminded me to share this all with my students.


2 thoughts on “Visual Resume/About Me (said in Canadian accent) – Using

  1. Matt, it’s curious how a resume translates in an infographic and the kind of executive decisions that are made.

    I enjoyed reading your reflection and I found it very affirming.


  2. First of all, I love the map. I love maps any way shape or form. I agree it is a little text heavy but hey it is a good start and not bad for the first time. Time that is the big thing here for all of us I suppose. It takes time to play. Some classes I give my students the iPads and a new app and just say play. They need that hour to just play around with it to get to know it better. That is what we need for these tasks. It’s hard. What I love about taking these courses is that it forces me to stop and take the time.
    Gosh, I got off track. Sorry.
    Even though this is a rough draft, I got a good sense of who you are and what is important to you.


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