Story of Our Holiday

Videoing holidays is a bygone tradition.  So with this in mind, both my wife and I thought it would be a good idea to film our first family holiday in Belgium.  We are just recovering from a week of travel in Bruges and Brussels with another couple their 8 month old son, and our 5 month old daughter.  There was a lot of tight hallways that did not love our large strollers, and I can say I have learnt a lot about travel with children – there are parents out there nodding their heads.

"Aventures-de-Tintin" by Y5005 - Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.
Aventures-de-Tintin” by Y5005Own work. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Storytelling – the Art.

I was struck about the art of story telling as we visited the Brussels Comic Centre – a must if you travel to Brussels.  Reflecting on our visit to the museum had my thinking how the medium of the story truly does affect how we perceive and view the story being told.  I ended up buying a copy of a Tintin comic – classic Belgian character.  There was something wonderful about the diction, the panels, the negative space of the page.  I thought about this as I made the movie of my holiday.

Applications in the Classroom

In an art room stories are being told via images everyday.  Through student artwork I hope my students have the chance to explore ideas, concepts, or constructs that interest them as Middle School students.  I have never asked my students to make a video, nor create video art as a medium of expressing their thoughts.  Perhaps this is something I need to look into further?  I am thinking maybe a summative video of all of their artwork might be a nice way to view a portfolio of their year in Art class. Another avenue is of course to tap into the rich tradition of video art as a medium of expression.

Holiday Road

The video I made is rather short and it summarizes our holiday chronologically.  It invariably stars the highlight of my life – our daughter.  I knew before we left that I was going to do this project whilst in Belgium so I found myself setting a reminder on my phone to film something everyday.  It was interesting to take stock of the kinds of video I shot, and both my wife and I enjoyed the process of looking back at the video we took of our holiday.


One thought on “Story of Our Holiday

  1. And I love seeing your beautiful daughter. A kid changes everything, eh? I can’t even remember pre kids and it has only been 6 yrs for me. I can’t believe how cold it is already. Glad you had a good trip and hope you got to Ghent. Amazing art in Belgium. Brussels has all those Magrittes too. Now I need to make my story!
    As far as your story goes, it is a simple story but it gets the point across and it is something that can be done in any class room. Digital storytelling is just the 21st way of telling stories. My parents did photo albums and reel to reel but now we can edit and make it more cohesive. Good job, Matt.


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