Infographic in my classroom

Infographics in my Tech Class

This year I have embarked on a journey to teach a tech class at my school. I was a little hesitant at the beginning of the year but I am fortunate to be teaching the course with another teacher whom is also a tech coach at our school. The first unit we decided to tackle was HTML code. This meant I was trying to teach something that students in my 8th grade class may very well know more than I do. I saw this as a great opportunity to share my learning with my students and see how we could all learn together. As things wrap up in our first unit, all I can say is that I have learned so much, received a few badges from codeacademy and have managed to convince a few students that I know a little bit about coding in HTML.

Types of Infographics

Our second unit is going to be creating an infographic – tackling the other side of the brain. This article from Neomam Studios identifies 8 types of infographics.  The type I am interested in using in my classroom is the VS infographic as seen above with the Kobe vs. Jordan image.

Again, getting the content right for the audience is crucial here. Both sides of the debate need to be characters or concepts that people care about. A common feature of the above infographics is a focus on both differences and similarities. A little humour and stylised design are a must if they are to succeed.  – February 25, 2013 by

photo credit: Kris Olin via photopin cc
photo credit: Kris Olin via photopin cc

I especially like the Jordan vs. Kobe infographic as a visually interesting way to display differences and similarities among individuals.  My idea for the upcoming project is to have students re do the school’s learner profile. I was thinking turning this information into an infographic competition where each student acted as one of the attributes and they sort of faced off against each other. This might be a cool way to re-think and revisit the profile which is frankly feeling a little tired.  Best design gets published and showcased around school with some framed posters.

I love the idea of a “thinker” facing off against “responsible”

I was hoping to use the vs. infographic of Kobe and Jordan because I really like the mix of content.  Sponsors, bio stats, and basketball stats all appear and showcase the differences between the two.  I also really like the image of the split faces, I envision my students taking these photos themselves and seeing what they can do.

At the end of the day, I may open the assignment up to allow students to explore infographics on any topic they want.  I really like the way the Neomam site organizes the infographics by the type of information they display and I plan on allowing students to mess around in Pages to build and design an infographic.  I was thinking the use of Pages as a canvas might help later when it comes to print.  I plan on allowing students into piktochart, and or, where they may choose to build data representations and then have them import that content into Pages. Any thoughts on this, anything I should be using but am missing?



2 thoughts on “Infographic in my classroom

  1. I think Pages is very good for this sort of layout. They may even be able to build the data representations in Pages without needing to resort to other infographics platforms if they know HOW they want to represent the data to begin with.

    I like the XvsY type of infographic, but I wonder what a IB Learner Profile face off would look like? Would we be pitting two attributes against each other that ideally should be working in unison? Don’t we want students to be thinkers and responsible, rather than thinkers or responsible?


    1. Clint, wise words here. Wise words. Perhaps we will have to pit something else in the great battle of vs. Ironchef posters get a remake via infographics?


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