Final Project Course 2: Connecting to Teach Creative Commons

2500 Creative Commons
Photo Credit: qthomasbower via Compfight cc

I must admit I am very pleased with this final project for Course 2.  As of now I have not yet implemented the unit plan in my class but I have done some build up to with some work using the Everything is a Remix series from Kirby Ferguson.  I felt it important to first speak about the nature of content as being recycled and reused before moving towards helping my students understand the role of attribution and creative commons in general.

Very few of my 8th grade students know about Creative Commons and I know the learning curve will be steep for students.  But I also know that an 8th grade student can see the value and importance of giving credit where credit is due.  What I hope to be incredibly powerful about this unit is that we are now putting these students into the direct scenario of having to use other student’s work and having their work used by others.  It is my hope that this switching of roles will help them to see the importance of attribution and open their minds to the concepts associated with CC.

Collaborating with two other Art teachers has been a joy.  My site based professional group is small, at my school there is one Art teacher per division.  Being able to connect with both Anne and Nicki has been an absolute blast.  I love getting their feedback and connecting with their ideas.  I also know that connecting between China, Singapore and the UAE has its difficulties – contextually, culturally, and time based.  But I can only say how great the experience has been and I look forward to seeing what will come of the lessons we have collaborated on.  I hope others might give this a go, or want to possibly join us once we have it up and running (part two: implementation).



2 thoughts on “Final Project Course 2: Connecting to Teach Creative Commons

  1. I agree matt it has been great to connect with you and Anne, finding like minded Art/ techies is a rare situation and for that I am so grateful. I too have not yet implemented the unit but, as a newly appointed Head of Grade 6 for the next academic year I am excited about putting my thoughts into the Pastoral mix. COETAIL has indeed been an amazing journey of discovery and growth so far for me and it has changed how I tackle important issues with our Middle School students. Creative Commons is my bugbear for want of a better phrase and something that the whole staff discussed some time ago, yet still students do not use it or seem to know about it. I am adamant that all Art students must have this in their toolkit of skills each year and so I am excited to get the unit off the ground, test drive it with my Grade 8 students before the year is out and integrate it next year. Looking forward to continuing to work with you!


    1. Nicki – I have my students starting to work on the final project now. Perhaps we can organize something next week when I am back at work. I do wonder how much will get done in my absence?

      Congrats on the appointment of Head of Grade 6 – you will bring a creative persona to a wonderfully exciting group. I recall back at Learning 2. Rebekah Madrid mentioned how she had a new student who she was working on a task that required creative commons. She was excited to find that although new to the school – the student had prior knowledge of what creative commons was and how, and why to use it. Getting this knowledge to permeate across the international school world will be so awesome. Proud to be bringing this to my students with you and Anne as support and collaborators.


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