Student's Work for Course 1 Final Project

Following up from my course 1 final project – my students and I got around to posting their comparative presentations on Iphoto vs. Google Photography editing apps.  These can be found on their individual blogsites which they have been working on for their photo class this semester (half over already – crazzy).

Enjoy and feel free to comment directly to them.

2 thoughts on “Student's Work for Course 1 Final Project

  1. Hi Matt

    Really cool project! Your students have some really great images on their blogs!

    I thought your students be interested in my Learn Photo365 assignment app.
    All the info is here:

    There is a free version they could try out. If you have any questions, my email is

    They also might like my photo tips blog:

    Thanks for sharing your student’s work, love to see people getting inspired by photography
    Noel Chenier


  2. Matt, thanks for sharing the presentations of your students. It’s great to see many of the different options that we now have, online and (mostly) free!


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