Hanging, Messing, and Geeking in assessment cycles

Reading through Living with New Media I found myself connecting the three states of interaction with new media in terms of assessment cycles I go through with my students.

Hanging Out – started to become the time I spend with my students figuring out the next art project we are going to do. Whether that be me sharing where I want them to go or them formalising their ideas.  It involves doing research, chatting with friends in class, cruising the internet for ideas, looking at past student work and wondering how we can make Art.

Created by: Pam Jimison

Messing Around – started to materialize as the formative assessment I conduct with students.  “It involves experimentation and exploration with relatively low investment, where there are few consequences to trial, error, and even failure”. I would probably take out the terminology related to investment, but I really did like the concepts of trial and error.

Geeking Out – “an intense commitment to or engagement with media or technology, often one particular media property, genre, or type of technology”.  I love this terminology – an intense commitment to or engagement with – what a wonderful way to view summative assessment.



3 thoughts on “Hanging, Messing, and Geeking in assessment cycles

  1. Matt, I’m actually glad I stumbled on your blog post. It was actually a nice, succinct way of putting the terms used in the article directly into teacher-speak. As a teacher myself, I found myself relating to how I just the Hang Out (‘hooking’ students with a great question), Messing Around (designing) and then Geeking Out (analysing/redesigning). Well put!


  2. It’s an interesting way of framing these three terms. I like it! I wonder if it could work in other classrooms as well?


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