Educational speed dating.

Reading through Chapter 1 and 2 of Jeff Utecht’s “Reach” many things stood out to me.  One I would like to talk about further was the role of self promotion as a means of starting connectivity.  Week one is clearly an introductory week and I thought it might be nice if anyone/everyone wanted to participate in this activity with me?

Predicated on the idea that the internet is only as strong as a the communities which serve it – lets begin with some educational speed dating to strengthen the ties that bind.

Answer the statements below in a comment to this post.  I have done so to get the ball rolling.

This is who I am – I am an art teacher who is wondering where the “sweet spot” is between the hammer and the Ipad?  If the pendulum swings too far will my students never hammer a nail, and or screw a screw?

This is what I do – I find the best ways to work within a system – dipping my toes outside every once in a while.  I like working within a system and pushing it to the boundaries, but I also like connecting different things together in the way I teach.  My day does involve teaching Painting and Drawing in one period and then 7th Grade PE in another.

This is what I am interested in – I am really interested in how we temper our interaction with technology and how we deal with workflow.  I find myself totally overwhelmed with occupations; soon to be father, husband, child, teacher, artist, athlete, tweeter?

This is what I am trying to learn – that I have something to say that others might want to hear and how to escape or manage falling down the rabbit hole of 18 tabs open on Chrome.

I can’t wait to strengthen this corner of the inter ‘net’ with our thoughts on these questions posed on page 32 of “Reach”.

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17 thoughts on “Educational speed dating.

  1. Hi Matt,
    Of course your first comment has to be from a fellow Art teacher with the same values and philosophy!
    This is who I am: I too have always seen the greatness of new technology and the value of traditional art, hence my blog name Tradigital. It is a common problem to try to balance the two effectively and this is the focus for my research and experimentation.
    This is what I do: I am Head of MS Art with some lessons of iGCSE and FIB Art. I am also passionate about service learning and bringing students’ experiences of the world into the classroom in meaningful ways.
    What I am interested in: My aim is to find ways that the traditions of the subject can be enhanced by the use of technology and also where technology is truly and authentically transformational in the education of Art.
    This is what I am trying to learn: I guess I am here to connect, primarily, to learn about myself through interactions with others and grow as an educator and artist. I don’t think I will ever stop learning and this is the start of a new level of growth.
    Thank you so much Matt for opening up this dialogue, for leaving the door ajar for others to reach out, share and to learn from and for helping us connect with like-minded individuals.
    I look forward to reading what others have to share.


  2. Who am I: Just a guy who tries and helps teachers use technology in meaningful ways with students.

    This is what I do: Create communities that take advantage of this amazing technology we have that allows us all to talk to each other.

    Interests: Baseball, Technology, Learning

    Trying to learn: How do you create systems of learning that allow people to be self motivated, reflective, and take advantage of the connections.


  3. Who I am: a physics and mathematics person teaching everything from G6 to G12

    This is what I do: I love throwing a plastic disc around, affectionately called a flatdisc (or ultimate frisbee)

    Interests: Ultimate frisbee, basketball, technology, inquiry mathematics, and everything physics.

    Trying to learn: how to integrate a true BYOD into my classroom.


  4. This is who I am:
    Someone who thought he’d go overseas for a couple years before settling down back home. That was 14 years ago.

    This is what I do:
    Make daily attempts at convincing tweenagers that what I want them to do is something they want them to do.

    This is what I’m interested in:
    Playing golf and watching hockey.
    I should probably add hanging with my girls and trying give a positive vibe to the awkward middle school years.

    This is what I’m trying to learn:
    How to be “that” teacher. That teacher who always seems to have a blast with his classes but never seems to have management issues of any kind. That teacher who is never seems stressed and always seems prepared. That teacher who’s always seems to know the next best thing and never seems to mind helping you with it. Any suggestions?


  5. Firstly, love how you’ve posed this as a task for your reader! Interactive off the bat! Okay here we go…

    Who am I: I am an early childhood teacher…I like to play 🙂

    This is what I do: I’m always looking for new ways for children to capture their thinking, learn about the world beyond the classroom and communicate.

    My interests: dance, baking, yoga

    What I’m trying to learn: the best resource is always a fellow educator, COETAIL’s a community of just that so I’m pretty sure the ideas being thrown around here are going to be really exciting!

    Looking forward to reading more from you!


  6. who I am: a learner, teacher, dancer, musician

    what I do: envision, design, attempt to inspire, seek challenges, ponder, laugh, embrace ambiguity and random poetic moments

    interests: ideas, dialogue, design thinking, yoga, innovation, landscapes

    what I’m trying to learn: to further connect, extend and be part of a learning community


  7. who I am: learner, teacher, dancer, musician, global nomad

    what I do: ponder, empathize, practice yoga daily, embrace ambiguity, laugh, seek challenges, reflect, collaborate

    interests: ideas, design thinking, landscapes, random poetic moments, composition, architecture, creativity

    what I’m trying to learn: expand my learning and increase my engagement in learning communities


  8. Who am I: Someone who is trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with my life.

    This is what I do: I am a teacher, coach, counselor, mentor, and friend to many amazing teenagers. While this can be exhausting, I really enjoy it.

    Interest: Running, swimming, reading, watching movies

    What I’m trying to learn: How to best focus my energies to help develop well rounded individuals.


  9. Thanks to everyone for sharing. Really great hearing your responses to this simple prompt. As I read through the responses I found myself connecting interests and loving the comment from Josh – “I want to be that teacher” – couldn’t agree more.


  10. Never having speed-dated before (educationally or otherwise), I’m in a quandary as to whether I should be quick and funny or considered and deliberate. I’ll write and see what turns out.

    Who I am: I am a teacher librarian, mother, wife, international teacher, procrastinator, introvert, listener, friend
    What I do: I’m learning to teach yoga, I teach in the library and try to integrate technology, I try to balance work, family and me time, I look forward to learning new things and changing old, unhelpful habits
    What I’m interested in: I’m interested in doing the best I can in every part of my life – not compared to others but for my own person; not so I can say I’m the best but so I can feel that I have given what I do my best shot.
    What I’m trying to learn: Specifically related to COETAIL, I really want to learn how to manage technology so I don’t get swamped by it but can keep up with it and use it to learn, to teach and to grow. Not specifically related to COETAIL, I’m trying to learn about the power of the mind and if we can master our thoughts. Oh, and I’m trying to get into one of those yoga headstands that appears to be eluding me!

    I guess I would be the worst at speed dating because that took a long time to get out!

    Thanks for giving us time to think about ourselves and to share a little of the human factor.


      1. Hi Matt,

        I hadn’t even heard of Makerspaces until you mentioned them. I have opened not just my ears but my eyes and my mind to the concept. I know libraries need to move with the times, and listening to ideas from libraries that have tested new ways of drawing in the community and being current certainly is food for thought.

        Thanks for the link!


  11. Like Jennifer I have never done the speed dating and love this!
    Who I am: art teacher, mom, lover of the color green, twitter, travel, and reading
    What I do: I try to inspire my students to look at the world differently, think out of the box, and to find a balance in everything
    What I’m interested in: I want to be a Learning 2.0 teacher, I want to teach what is current to students how are interested. I want to use technology in my art room as a tool, as you would use a brush or pencil.
    What I am trying to learn: I want to be comfortable with blogging, tweeting, reading blogs. I want to have an organized RSS feed, I want to understand how to orgnized it, I want to be able to use what I learn in my classroom and be comfortable with it. And I want to be able to have patience when I come home from school so I can hang out with my 2 yr old and 5 yr old. HA!


  12. Who I am: Wearer of many hats – mother, wife, daughter, educator, consultant, instructor, photographer, exerciser, learner, creator, consumer (I could go on and on here …….)

    What I do: try to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle; connect locally and globally with others, share a passion for technology and learning

    What I am interesting in: learning

    What I am trying to learn: how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle whilst keeping up with this everchanging landscape of technology and learning.


  13. Who I am: Father, husband, teacher, learner, geek.

    What I do: Herd cats, both at home (3 kids of my own) and at school.

    What I’m interested in: at the moment, 3D printing, robotics and learning/teaching coding.

    (I love that you’re displaying your L2 badge on this site, BTW!)

    What I’m trying to learn: 3D printing, robotics and coding.


  14. Great idea…love it! Been there, done that…but not in an educational sense.

    Who I am: Canadian, hockey player, teacher, learner, techie, traveller, photographer…

    What I do: Mould 5 year-old minds.

    What I’m interested in: Living a healthy, happy life surrounded by caring individuals…all things tech and hockey – an extremely life-consuming interest.

    What I’m trying to learn: Whatever perks my interest in the moment.


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